We have been progressively incorporating more products suitable for organic gardening. We have 5 substrates that we manufacture ourselves that are suitable for organic gardening, our blends for hydroponics (Golden Glow) are accredited with the OMRI seal, and we have several products that are suitable for organic gardening.

The Projar group is deeply involved in the agricultural sector with several of its lines of business. In recent years, there has been an upward trend in organic farming operations. Many of our clients have devoted a part of their resources to organic farming and the demand for products suitable for this type of crop has risen. Furthermore, new businesses have come into being with business models focussed on organic production. To this, many horticultural producers must be added, who, although they may not work strictly with organic farming methods, have certainly incorporated certain beneficial practices, including among them the use, in some cases, of products that are more environmentally friendly or safer.

In this respect, each year we have included more products that are suitable for organic farming in our portfolio. Currently, we have 5 substrates that we manufacture ourselves that are certified for organic farming:


  • Projar Professional Natur
  • Projar Professional Natur Pots
  • Turbatruf, our substrate especially for the cultivation of truffles.
  • Cocopeat
  • Vermicoco, our organic seed coater.


Furthermore, we are the distributors in Spain of a high-quality organic compost, Topmix, essential for farmers who carry out their operations following organic methods. And in terms of plant pots, we have biodegradable ones that are suitable for organic growing: our Fertilpot plant pots. These plant pots have also been accredited for their international organic quality by OMRI.


Our coconut substrates Golden Glow (see them at are also recognised by OMRI because of their organic quality levels. This guarantees not only the quality, but also provided support when commercialising the products. By so doing, our distributors in various countries embrace this certification with great interest.