Easyfruit Hydroponic Fruit Trees

Title: Development of a new sustainable hydroponic cultivation technique for fruit trees 


Collaborator: Centro de Experiencias Cajamar  


Years: 2018-present


Objective: Development of cultivation techniques that contribute to sustainable food production. Improving efficiency in the use of resources such as water consumption, nutrients and land occupation and reducing the use of pesticides.  



PROJAR is a global provider of solutions for hydroponic cultivation of horticultural and berry species.  The experience accumulated over the years in these crops has led us to extend this intensive soilless cultivation technology to other fruit and tropical species such as figs, kiwiberries and pitahaya.  


The species in which we have obtained the most significant results so far is the fig tree. In the trial we have carried out, we have managed to start harvesting 4 months after planting, increase the production window from 1-2 to 6 months and in the second harvest, which started 12 months after planting, we obtained a production of over 70,000 kg/ha.