Manufacturing of substrates

One of our major business areas is the manufacturing of substrates, a business that we have been engaged in for two decades, and in which we stand apart due to the wide variety of compositions and our superior logistical network.


We have substrate factories in India, Sri Lanka, and Spain. In India and Sri Lanka, we process coconut in order to convert it into a raw material for substrate blends, as well as manufacturing a line of hydroponic substrates, Golden Grow Hydroponics. In Spain, we manufacture bespoke blends of substrates, with a portfolio of more than 200 formulations.


We import peat from the north of Europe, coconut from Asia and in our factory, located in the port of Almería, we design and manufacture blends, to which we add a variety of enhancing additives. From there, we distribute our products to Spain, France, Portugal, and Morocco. From Sri Lanka and India, we export to 20 countries around the world. We are currently the only company with the capacity to manufacture such a significant quantity of blends and also distribute them, complying with the strictest quality parameters. Our production capacity with these factories combines to more than 250,000 m3.