Lines of business, Manufacturing of substrates
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In addition to this, we have a factory in Spain, in the port of Almería, with a production capacity of more than 100,000 m3 of substrate. In this factory, we use raw materials, such as peat, coconut, and wood fibre, and we manufacture substrates to order for plant nurseries, seed growers, forest and citrus plant propagation companies, and more. We often state that we are the only company that offers à la carte substrates because we have more than 150 formulations, prepared for every crop, climate, production technology, etc. Even so, if the client needs another blend, we will design it for them. This is only possible thanks to a highly flexible system of production – a technical team dedicated to designing blends and a commercial network that is familiar with the crops and their behaviour. Our brand of professional substrates is Projar Professional and hundreds of clients count on it in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.