0e Mision

Title: 0e MISSION. New generation of emission-free waste biomass energy systems. Towards carbon negative energy sources. 


Collaborators: CEBAS-CSIC, Cartif Technology Centre, IMDEA Energy Institute and other companies participating in the consortium.


Year: 2020 present


Objective: To promote the decarbonisation of the Spanish economy in order to drastically reduce the emission of polluting gases (C02, N02, etc.), as well as Spain’s energy dependence on fossil fuels through investment in R&D in renewable and sustainable energies.



The proposal is based on the creation of a complete system that allows the combustion of waste and residual biomass from different origins to obtain electrical and thermal energy. The system includes the creation of a new concept of combustion equipment, an emission biofilter capable of capturing pollutant emissions and a confined plant-intensive production system capable of recovering waste heat and absorbing carbon dioxide. The complete system will create a lower cost energy source with very important benefits associated with waste management, improved air quality, maintenance of natural resources and the generation of wealth and jobs at the local level.