Title: Sewage treatment system that works with macrophytes in flotation.


Collaborator: Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering. Belonging to the UPV, UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE VALENCIA.  


Years: 20132015


Objective: To obtain a natural sewage treatment system for wastewater for applications in small population centres, housing estates and isolated industrial facilities.  




As a result of the project, a wastewater phytodepuration system has been developed that works with floating macrophytes. These plants purify the water progressively through the physico-chemical processes that take place. 


The phyto-purification system recreates the way wetlands function in nature by creating an aquatic environment through the creation of artificial ponds with floating plants where the wastewater is discharged.

where the wastewater is discharged. There, the plants promote biological, physical and chemical processes that progressively purify the water. 

The pilot plant built is currently in operation at PROJAR’s facilities in Quart de Poblet. 


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