If anything has set us apart over the course of our company history, it is our being a company that offers products, services, and solutions of excellent quality. We are known for offering good service alongside the best professional advice. We cannot, then, cease to highlight all the efforts that we make to strive always for excellence.

The satisfaction of our clients is one of our priorities, and as a result, all the operational procedures and guidelines established are intended to render our services, in accordance with any regulations in force, in a way that meets the needs and expectation of our clients, with a commitment earned by always making progress on the path of continuous improvement.


We have a firm commitment to the strictest standards of quality in each one of our operations, which guarantees the satisfaction and trust of our clients around the globe.


Our commitment to quality can be seen in:


  • The respect we have for our clients needs.
  • The way we work very closely with our suppliers.
  • Our methods of motivating our partners and employees.


The PROJAR Group quality policy is put into practice by:


  • Setting absolute client satisfaction as our target, at the same time being absolutely environmentally friendly. By so doing, we ensure their loyalty and, as a consequence, the survival of our company.
  • Relying on leading suppliers at all times, since they comprise the first link in the chain of high-quality service.
  • Recognising that people are the most valuable resource of our company. On this basis, we rely on properly trained partners, who are motivated and engaged.
  • Each one of our activities is aimed at preventing failures, not at correcting them.
  • To encourage training, awareness, and the creative participation of all the people in the company to solve problems and continuously improve.



Projar Group ensures that all of its subsidiary companies comply with ISO certification rules and update their knowledge bases and practices in accordance with these regulations. The definition and deployment of procedures addressing quality and the environment ensures that the services provided to our clients around the globe can be relied on. The entities certified in accordance with ISO 14004 quality regulations are Comercia Projar S.A. and Paisajistas del Mediterráneo.




We are working on an international code of good practice that compiles major guidelines to allow us to offer maximum quality to our clients. This code will define everything from the guidelines governing customer care, the resolution of incidents, to quality control. This involves making sure that every person in every department and position receives a series of guidelines in order to be able to perform their job at the highest level.